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We have owned these lovely caprines for over twenty five years. Although we are known throughout the USA as Alpenglow for our beautiful Oberhasli breed.....we have added lovely Saanens and Sables during the past few years to date. Many thanks goes to Paul Sabins and Todd Biddle for our carefully bred show lines of Saanens and Sables.

Our Alpenglow Oberhasli are known for great udder structure that has been very consistent over the years along with good conformation and color.Our Alpenglow oberhasli have been very competitive in the National circuit when they were able to attend. Basically, we strive to breed a good dairy goat that we can be proud to compete in the show ring. Sadly, most of our old girls are gone from this earth now. We have wonderful younger girls that will follow in their footsteps!!!!

Alpenglow Dairy Goats are located in rural Voluntown of Eastern Connecticut which is attached to the state forest of Green Falls.
As Ever,
Bobbie and Bill Potopowitz


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